Why Do We Need Water?

2 10 2009

What will be the next element you need for your Body after OXYGEN?

air-bersihWATER! The most important substance of life & health after OXYGEN. Unfortunately, the kind of water consumed, along with the lack of sufficient water are among the major causes of arterioscleorosis, illnesses & premature ageing! Drinking water is saturated with inorganic minerals and can cause you to suffer from a variety of unhealthy conditions.

The question should not be whether or not to drink water, but what water should you drink? If You are drinking tap water, filtered water, spring water or even distilled water, chances are your body is not getting hydrated at a deep cellular level that is required for optimal health.

Water with a high surface tension & which holds chemical elements other than hydrogen & oxygen will not be absorbed by the cells in the body but diverted into vital organs and systems. Quite often all the unused & unwanted minerals will collect at the lymphatic system, kidneys & bladder, causing complications in those systems & organs.

Yes, we do need minerals, but the source for the body is the food that we eat – not the water we drink. When water that is brought into our bodies is polluted, its natural cleansing functions are negatively affected. We may develop health problems as these pollutants build up in our blood vessels, joints & internal organs such as (hardening of the arteries, arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, vision problems, loss of hearing, diabetes, obesity, emphysema, & other ailments in greater intensities).

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SubhanAllah… Air Juga Mempunyai Perasaan

23 08 2009

Tahukah anda bahawa air meliputi 70 peratus daripada permukaan bumi. Air juga boleh berada dalam tiga bentuk iaitu pepejal (ais), cecair (air) dan gas (wap). Pada dasarnya setiap orang memerlukan air untuk terus hidup.

Banyak penyakit dapat disembuhkan melalui air. Oleh itu, kita digalakkan minum lapan gelas besar air setiap hari. Ini bukan sahaja membantu menyegarkan badan dari terhidrat malah menjadi sebab kesembuhan banyak penyakit.

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